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Category : Fish , Healthy products , Products

Main ingredients:

  • Saponin ( extracted from Yucca schidigera and Quillaja saponaria), Sorbitol, Beta-glucan, Amylase.

Main functions:

  • MITA Q&Y helps fish to increase resistance – eliminate toxic in the body – increase digestibility.
  • Help aquaculture species to eat well – healthy liver – increase survival rate.


  • Mixing 2-4 g MITA Q&Y / 1 kg of feed or 1 kg MITA Q&Y / 250-500 kg of feed. Feeding continuously in 8-10 days.

Note: Dissolving MITA Q&Y in clean water, equally spraying on feed, resting in 15 minutes before feeding.

* Frequently use until harvesting.

* Time to stop using before harvesting: NIL