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With the continuous development of technology and aquaculture industry, MITAVET always wants to approach with the producing level of advanced countries in the world as well as hold the automatic producing process, therefore, in September 21st, 2019, at Tra Noc Industrial Park, MITAVET inaugurated modern manufactury and automatic packaging line to response with the requirement for high-quality products from the shrimp/prawn farmers.

Nowadays, shrimp/prawn diseases and environmental parameters in shrimp/prawn ponds are complicated, it threatens many shrimp/prawn culture area, so MITAVET has introduced the safety and effective shrimp/prawn culture techniques to minimize the risk of diseases to shrimp/prawn farms. MITAVET products are manufactured in closed and modern process and followed high standard and the quality of the products are improved continuously to enhance the product’s efficiency. Moreover, all of the products are tested the effectiveness, utility, and safety before reaching the farmers. Therefore, they do not worry about the quality and efficiency of the products. MITAVET also constantly researches and develops new products based on the actual production situation of the farmer, innovation, and completing the shrimp/prawn farming process to reach the demand and aspiration of the farmers. Therefore, MITAVET products are always received, trusted, and appreciated by farmers.

Currently, MITAVET has almost completed specialized products for intensive white leg shrimp/prawn from nutritional, vitamin, mineral supplemental products, probiotics for water treatment to remove toxic gases, and safety disinfectant products. Particularly, some of MITAVET products are leading in solving problems during shrimp/prawn culture period including EHP treatment – BEST ONE, support shrimp/prawn recover after disease treatment and stimulate shrimp/prawn growth – GROW MAX/ BUTASAL, probiotic for water treatment – MITA AQUAPRO, remove NO2 – MITA GUARD, remove H2S – BEST CLEANER.

Along with the improvement of quality product to approach the requirement of shrimp/prawn farmers, MITAVET constantly educates and trains employees and expands distribution channels. MITAVET has a team of technical and business staffs with good expertise, well-trained, strong technical knowledge, and years of experience in the field of aquaculture. In particular, they always bring a good attitude, responsibility, progress, honesty to accompany, and opportune support when farmers encounter difficulties. In addition, MITAVET products have widely distributed in many agents across the Mekong Delta regions that will promptly respond the demand of shrimp/prawn farmers.

MITAVET regularly holds seminars and meetings with shrimp/prawn farmers and customers to timely answer and solve the difficulties and problems that farmers are facing. This not only helps farmers to overcome hard solving problems during shrimp/prawn culture period but also is the opportunity to bring MITAVET closer to shrimp/prawn farmers. In addition, MITAVET also participates in seafood expo in Viet Nam and international to promote the trademark and bring MITAVET products to be able to go further in the international market.

Overcoming the initial difficulties, MITAVET has become one of the top suppliers of probiotics, nutritional supplements, and water treatment products in Viet Nam. MITAVET understands that the difficulties of the shrimp/prawn farmers are also a big challenge for the company, but it is also considered as a great opportunity for MITAVET to be able to complete the responsibilities and help farmers to be more secure during shrimp/prawn culture period. With the guideline “Improve continuously – Make the difference” for all activities of the company, MITAVET will constantly innovate and improve the quality of products to help shrimp/prawn farmers to solve the problems in shrimp/prawn production. In addition, every technician of the company will always bring the spirit of enthusiasm and dedication to help shrimp/prawn farmers to have bumper crops. Where shrimp/prawn farmers are in trouble, there will be MITAVET.