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Category : Products , Tom , Water treatment

Main ingredients:

  • Sodium percarbonate.

Main functions:

Product includes 2 packages:

  • Package A: Quickly dissolving oxygen into the pond for emergency situation.
  • Package B: Equally dissolving oxygen into the pond in 6-8 hours.

MITA OXYGEN is designed for electricity cut, broaken-aerator, algal dramatically dead, heavy raining, cloudy day,..


  • Equally spreading all over the pond (Either both package A and package B at the same time or package A first, then package B).
  • Emergency dosage: 2 kg / 1,000 m3 of water.
  • Gradually supplying when oxygen demand increase: 1 kg/ 1,500 – 5,000 m3 of water.

* Time to stop using before harvesting: NIL