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Category : Healthy products , Products , Tom

Main ingredients:

  • High technology starch.

Main functions:

  • The high tecnology starch produced to be stable in the water mainly retrict losing healthy product dosage.
  • Increase healthy one’s effectiveness.


  • To stick healthy products to feed:

Option 1:

  • Mixing the healthy products and feed together, resting 5-10 inutes.
  • Distilling 3-4 g of KẾT DÍNH with warm water. Mixing the solution with 1 kg of feed. Resting 25-30 minutes before feeding.

Option 2:

  • Mixing 6-8 g of KẾT DÍNH with the suitable dosage of healthy products.
  • Spraying water on the feed to increase moisture. Then, mixing all together.
  • Equally spraying enough quantity of water on the mixed feed. Resting in 25-30 minutes before feeding.

* Time to stop using before harvesting.