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CIPA 3000

CIPA 3000

Category : Products , Tom , Water treatment

Main incredients:

  • Copper sulfate.

Main functions:

  • Disinfection product – Eliminating bacteria, parasite, fungus,algae, snails,..
  • Eliminates snails at pond preparation stage.


Eliminating snails, mussels in pond:

  • Fill in water at 20-30 cm depth, then resting in 2-3 days for setting all snails to the pond bottom.
  • Diluting 1 liter CIPA 3000 with 200 m3 of water. For CIPA 3000 directly being contacted with snails, spreading all over the pond.
  • Recommendation: Lime (CaO) should be combined for increasing pH (from 8-9), CIPA 3000 would be more powerful.
  • 4-5 days later, wasting all the water in the pond. After that, washing the pond 3-4 times before stocking larvae is necessary.

Decreasing algae density (Algal bloom): 1 liter CIPA 3000 / 1,000-1,5000 m3 of water.